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 Manager, Singer/Songwriter, Actor, Writer

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A Musical Journey

Music has the rare ability to transcend the differences and divisions between us, bringing out the best of people: creativity, honesty, empathy. Toni Seawright:  Manager, Singer/Songwriter, Actor, Writer
Introduces: Toni Seawright Music & Entertainment, as an active member of the modern music community, strives to embody these timeless and powerful qualities in everything they do. Read on to learn more.


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Toni Seawright Music & Entertainment first began seeing professional success around 2015. With natural talent and the drive to make a difference, Toni Seawright Music & Entertainment is overcoming countless obstacles on their way up by working hard every day in order to keep their musical dream alive and make the dreams come true for others. Please get in touch for more information.

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About Toni Seawright
(Photo: Khalil & Qaasim of JWP)

A Story Steeped in Mississippi to The Brooklyn Sound

Toni Seawright made history as the 1st African American to win the coveted crown of Miss Mississippi in 1987 (4th Runner-up Miss America).   Toni knows music and today, she represents  some of the hottest new and upcoming artists in the tri-state area.  An actor and singer in her own right, Toni has performed as a professional backing vocalist for the likes of Teena Marie, Laura Branigan, Ru Paul, Shaggy, Freddie Jackson, Melba Moore, just to name a few.  Toni has also appeared on Broadway and is an AUDELCO award winning actress.  

Toni has come into her own, as she reps some of the hottest artists in the Brooklyn area.  With over 30 years experience in the business, you will find that her uncanny ability to find incredible artists is spot on.  Her artists stand out above the crowd with their own unique sound and undeniable talent. One such group is the Juggernaut War Party.  Come along and ride on a fantastic voyage and witness the growth and journey of this Incredible Brooklyn Based group! Check them out as they set out on a brand new musical journey! Learn more about Toni Seawright Music & Entertainment  and the Juggernaut War Party by exploring their site, and feel free to get in touch with them and feel free to leave a comments and/or questions.

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Toni Seawright Music & Entertainment

Your One Stop Shop for The Hottest In Music & Entertainment


Artists come a dime a dozen, but real artists come once in a lifetime. Real Artists of New York City are borne bred and nurtured when it comes to Toni Seawright Music & Entertainment.  Whether browsing the site to find the hottest actors in NYC or the hottest singer/songwriters or dancers, Toni Seawright Music & Entertainment is 2nd to none.  Here you'll find the home of one of Brooklyn's hottest Hip Hop groups, The Juggernaut War Party.  This awesome group will wow you with the home-grown sounds of Qaasim Middleton.  Together with his younger brother,  Khalil Middleton, you'll hear some of the most prolific and thought provoking music of their generation. These Actor/Singer/Dancer MC's will take the world by storm with their gumbo style of Funk Rock Hip Hop Soul. So, sit back and relax and let us Entertain you!  Feel free to browse the site and check out some of their creative productions below.

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“Toni Seawright Music & Entertainment stands for well-produced and recorded music that seamlessly blend together different sound combinations to communicate an emotionally driven story.”

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“Toni Seawright Music & Entertainment stands for quality in entertainment and state of the art musicians and performers who bring life to every stage they touch!

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"We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams."

Arthur O'Shaughnessy


Upcoming Events

  • The Juggernaut War Party LIVE at Rockwood Music Hall
    Aug 06, 2019, 8:00 PM EDT
    Rockwood Music Hall, 196 Allen St, New York, NY 10002, USA
    If you missed our last performance, here is YOUR chance to see what ALL of the fuss about!! Come check JWP LIVE at Rockwood and go on FANTASTIC journey of music, spirituality and thought provoking music!! You will leave with your own GUMBO of Funk/Rock/Hip-Hop/Soul!! BE THERE!

"To play a wrong note is insignificant; to play without passion is inexcusable"

Ludwig van Beethoven

In Concert
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About Qaasim Middleton & Khalil Middleton of Juggernaut War Party:

A Musical Journey

The creativity and musical talent of Toni Seawright:  Manager, Singer/Songwriter, Actor, Writer
Introduces: Qaasim & Khalil Middleton & The Juggernaut War Party is unmistakable, and nothing can stop them from achieving the success they work so hard for. Highly influential and critically acclaimed, they are always striving to push the sonic boundaries, and looking to leave their mark on the modern generation of music.



Valued Partnerships

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20 Million Women Strong

Lasting Impact

20 Million Women Strong (#20MWS) is a movement around the world for children, families, and the Earth, born of the conviction that, when women stand up together, change happens! NOW is the time to create a shift in the consciousness that determines the condition of women, children, families, and the Earth!

Melba Moore

Melba Moore

Melba Moore/Bway/R&B DIVA


Is an American prolific 5 Octave singer and award winning actress.
Broadway, Contemporary Soul/R&B, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Gospel and Classical

Melba Moore was destined to be a Star! It could have been her Grammy-nominated cover of the Aretha Franklin classic "Lean On Me" or her Tony Award-winning performance as ‘LuttieBelle GussieMae Jenkins’ in Purlie that solidified her place in America's hearts, and when she became the first African-American woman to perform the role of Fantine in Les Misérables.

INAYA DAY photo 1.jpg

Inaya Day

Dance Diva Inaya Day

INAYA DAY is named 1 of Billboard’s Greatest of All Time Top Dance Club Artists,

...and has had numerous UK/Euro, Aria, and Billboard top tens... "HORNY", "HOLD


INAYA started out singing in church as a child, then went on to do musical theater... ( broadway, off broadway, Euro theater, etc. )
She was living in Germany when her first, second, and third house music singles were released. They each championed the charts and are now all worldwide classics.

Just before the end of it’s run, INAYA performed twice on the legendary UK Top 40 TV show, “TOP OF THE POPS and is said to be the ONLY artist in history to perform on the show twice in one week.

In addition to house music, INAYA writes, records, and performs gospel (Newark New Jersey Youth Choir: Lift the Name of Jesus, CD Hawkins... Shirley Ceasar, Kurt Carr, Richard Smallwood, etc), musical theater, jazz, commercial jingles, hip-hop, funk, and R&B; (Michael Jackson, P-Diddy, MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, Missy Elliot, Bootsy Collins, Ashford & Simpson, Oprah Winfrey theme song, etc)\

INAYA’s song KEEP PUSHIN was recently re-recorded by pop star, DUA LIPA for the ADIDAS: “Original Is Never Finished” campaign and one of her R&B ballads, “HOW MANY WAYS” was just played on QUEEN SUGAR.


About Qaasim Middleton aka DRK The Strongest: 
Singer/Songwriter, Actor, Writer, Producer
WarChief of :
The Juggernaut War Party

Qaasim "DRK" Middleton, aka, "The Strongest" is the 23 year Hedgehog Leader of Juggernaut War Party!   He is an actor, singer/songwriter, dancer, Rapper/MC and producer.  Qaasim has been singing and writing music since the age of 10.  He got his first start as a musician at the tender age of 2 & 1/2 years of age when he was playing percussion and singing live on stage with BK Based Crew "The Plague's" HYDRA, comprised of 3 members including, his 2 Uncle's, Rodney "L.R. Blitzkrieg" Willie, Graeme "GMS" Sirbirsky, and is his dad Keith "Wildchild" Middleton (Former cast Member of The off B'way Sensation Stomp).  He started taking dance lessons at the age of 6 with Creative Outlet Dance Theatre of Brooklyn under the leadership of Jamel Gaines where he met his mentor/choreographer-Kevin KBez Nino Bez Hunte of "So You Think You Can Dance" finalist, and when he was just 9 years old, he was one of 5 children prodigies featured on the HBO family series, "The Music in Me". That following year, he landed a series regular role on Nickelodeon's "Naked Brothers Band"  where his little brother Khalil Middleton aka "Tallboy," also appeared as his "little brother" & his Mother, Toni Seawright, former (and 1st Black to win) Miss Mississippi, also appeared as his "mom."
He went on to gain the Top 8th Spot on FOX's Season XIV of "American Idol," as well as a recurring role with his brother Khalil on the Netflix series, "The Get Down." Also moving on to play the role of "Senator K" on the show "Atlanta" on FX
Qaasim went on to create the Juggernaut War Party for Afropunk's  Battle of The Bands and the crew won 2 straight years in a row. Qaasim has been growing and melding together ever since. 
Qaasim says his music is influenced by the likes of J-Dilla, Prince, Michael Jackson, John Mayer, D'Angelo, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, and Flying Lotus. And you can see, hear, and feel those influences when you experience Qaasim & The Juggernaut War Party.
Look Out for Qaasim & his crew, The Juggernaut War Party! They are a Hip Hop Crew on the rise to stardom, and with Qaasim's magic behind the sound and productions, they can't go wrong! Big things Poppin, Little things Stopping for JWP in 2020! Stay Tuned!!


About Khalil Middleton aka TallBoy The Rilla

 Singer/Songwriter, Actor, Dancer, Rapper, Writer

Lieutenant War Chief of: The Juggernaut War Party

A Musical Journey

Khalil Middleton aka TallBoy The Rilla of JWP is the 19 year hedgehog co-leader of Juggernaut War Party. He has come into his own as an actor, singer/songwriter, Rapper/MC, dancer, writer and model. As a small child, Khalil appeared in Nickelodeon's "Naked Brothers Band", "Jack's Big Music Show" and HBO's "The Music in Me" with his older brother, Qaasim.  Both brothers were series regular on Netflix's "The Get Down" as members of the DJ Kool Herc's crew. Khalil has also been featured on "The 22", "City on a Hill" and "When They See Us", he just recently landed his 2nd film of the year.  As an upcoming singer/songwriter, Khalil holds his own not only as an actor, but also as a wonderful Rapper/MC.  Stay tuned for Khalil Middleton. Big things are on the horizon for him in 2020.  We wish him continued success in all good things coming his way!